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 videographer, editor, &
Content Creator


Sal Y Pimienta by Frankie Simone

Directed by Jay Bray

Song by Frankie Simone

Videography & Editing by Mia Paden

Sweet Vibrations - Social Content

Sweet Vibrations came to me needing original, branded content for their Instagram Reels. Together, we conceptualized short-form videos to highlight and promote their collection of vibrators. 

Videography and Editing by Mia Paden for Sweet Vibes

Modeling / Assisting by Leeza Lakhter

"BUBBLEGUM" By Moon Kissed 

Direction, Videography, Styling & Editing by Mia Paden and Leeza Lakhter

Animations - Gabby Sibilska and Leeza Lakhter

Produced and mixed by Noble Additional production by Fermin Suero Jr.

"TouCh yourself" campaign promo

We created this clothing line to represent more authentic more authentic experiences and initiate more conversations around bodies, masturbation, consent, and sex!

Concept, Creative Direction, Videography : Leeza Lakhter & Mia Paden

Video Editor: Mia Paden

Illustrator: Leeza Lakhter

Printmaker: Sam Bennett

Photographers: @blkflwrs @letmepokeu

PA: @tearyeyedangelll

Models: @zthebug, @chiii_chiii, @shaniasanchezzz, @spooky__slut, @vonmusic, @peridotang3l, @budaboi2

Music: Dealer’s Gone by @vonmusic, @dj__dave

oshihana - for sexual wellness & recovery promo

Direction and Styling by Lindsay Wynn

Videography and Editing by Mia Paden

"HEads will roll [cover]"
By Moon Kissed 

Videography & Editing by Mia Paden 

Performance & Cover by Moon Kissed Music

Original Song by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Engineered by Shaul Dover at Sweatshop Studios in Katonah, NY


Portland Pet Food Company
Social Media Marketing & Event Coordinator 2022 - 2023

Blue Phone Text Message Instagram Reel Video

Social Media Marketing & Event Coordinator 2019 - 2021

Good Dog Restaurant 
Rebranding / Social Media Marketing

Web Design

Hamptons Mobile Beauty

HMB 2.png

Hamptons Mobile Beauty came to me needing a website redesign to create a cleaner, more informative, SEO and user-friendly site! 

**Click on any image to experience the full website! 

Good Dog Restaurant


Good Dog Restaurant needed a complete redesign that fit into their new brand aesthetic, while also giving their customers an informative platform to find their latest info, menu, location, careers and ordering platforms throughout COVID-19. 

Letmepokeu Tattoos


After designing the aesthetic and feel of the brand alongside Leeza (Letmepokeu), I created a full website, portfolio and e-commerce platform to show off their tattoos, studio, projects and more. I also created an external platform for booking clients and appointments on SquareSpace. I worked with Leeza on SEO, Facebook and Google advertising to reach a larger audience and create brand awareness. 

Web Design

About Me


Mia Paden (@thinkmiamedia) is an experienced Videographer, Content Creator, and Marketing Manager with a passion for impactful storytelling that engages audiences and drives recognition. Mia has excellent communication and writing skills, and collaborates on projects with enthusiasm and a can-do attitude. She is passionate about mental health, LGBTQ+ and human rights, body and sex positivity. She aims to spread awareness and break boundaries through her work.


Social Media Marketing

Investing in social media & brand marketing can uncover endless opportunities to boost your business and acquire new customers!


I can elevate your brand by creating high-quality, original content aligned with your company’s mission in a reliable and fast-paced manner. I will increase engagement, followers, and drive more traffic to your website through creation / reorganization and optimization of your social accounts and brand. I will also dedicate time to running analytics, fostering relationships with customers, increasing SEO (search engine optimization), and raising brand awareness through social ads! Together, we can develop an end-to-end marketing strategy and action plan specific to your business that will increase customer engagement and boost revenue! 

I also offer other creative marketing needs such as social media management, campaign design and execution, and brand development. 

Web Development

A key element to building brand trust and recognition is having a responsive website that represents and promotes your brand! 

I offer website development, design and integration for e-commerce, mobile and digital websites. I work directly with my clients to understand and develop their business and goals to ensure brand consistency and growth. I will develop both your website and brand by using compelling product descriptions, stunning images and illuminating videos. I build websites that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also SEO and user friendly! I also cater to other digital needs such as email marketing, content creation, and more.

Video Production

Videos have become an integral part of how we communicate, relate, and share information with one another, making up about 80% of content consumed daily. 


I produce original, high-quality creative content for brands, organizations, agencies, professional and personal projects. My goal is to identify the key message or goal of your video and integrate your aesthetic and mission into the final product. I will bring a passionate, creative energy to all projects, while working closely with clients to ensure your vision comes to life! Using 4K footage and Adobe programs for editing, I ensure a professional cinematic video that connects with your audience and drives results! 


Design is critical in every aspect of business and life. Making an impression on your customer/audience is pivotal in increasing engagement and building consistency. 

I will design, or re-design, your personal and/or professional visuals! I work in Adobe Creative Cloud to design and develop original, eye-catching, and informative visuals that will enhance your business, advertisements, social accounts, personal projects, and more. 

I can cater to any design needs or formats such as social posts, business cards, banners, cards, merchandise, and custom dimensions.

Photography & Editing

Whether promoting yourself or your brand, professional photos and photo editing are necessary elements in gaining an audience, as well as building brand recognition and trust. 


I can create original content or edit existing content, to elevate your aesthetic and make your photos/brand look professional! I work in Adobe Creative Cloud to enhance photos with color correction, light balance, text, and other effects. I am also qualified to remove unwanted elements, add branding, and other graphic elements. I have experience working with companies across various industries to create on-brand, professional, and aesthetically pleasing photographs that will promote and develop your brand.



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